NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay

NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay

NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay

In order to sustain and improve healthcare, the Quadruple Aim covers a wide range of objectives. There are numerous challenges within each aim that, if correctly addressed, could have a favorable impact on the final results. Health care leaders are being pushed to transition from a focus on disease treatment to health promotion and disease prevention in primary care settings, for instance Reducing the demand on primary healthcare and the strain on the healthcare system are two of the many benefits that can be reaped from these efforts.

When I think of this question about how to integrate appropriate information, I essentially think of having good advertising and marketing. You have to think of the populations you are trying to reach. I think it’s important to target two main populations younger people 30-45 that may need earlier screening because of high risk and then 45-75 that should be already getting regular screenings. Commercials are great. I am sure we have all heard of Cologuard because of their commercials. Cologuard is an additional way to screen for colorectal cancer but not a replacement for colonoscopies. Social media is also a great way to educate and advertise. But most importantly anytime you go to your primary care physician’s office the nurses, providers, and staff should be discussing regular screenings with the patients and have handouts around the offices with information that people can read while they wait. Also nurses or medical assistants pointing out to providers that a patient is a certain age and has not had a colonoscopy yet. Being the eyes and ears for patients is so important. Another thing for people to know is that insurance should cover these type of screenings at a 100%. This was one great thing about the Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act requires both private insurers and Medicare to cover the costs of colorectal cancer screening tests, because these tests are recommended by the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2022). The law stipulates that there should be no out-of-pocket costs for patients, such as co-pays or deductibles, for these screening tests (CDC, 2022). So for people with medical coverage, they should be taking advantage of these benefits.

What has always been true is that healthcare has always faced significant issues, and that efforts to improve healthcare involve diverse stakeholders, independent of commercial developments. Given the circumstances, this should come as no surprise. However, factors such as rising healthcare costs and the constraints of caring for an aging population do play an impact. It is not unexpected that the healthcare industry faces a wide range of changing difficulties.

In this module’s Discussion, you reviewed some healthcare issues/stressors and selected one for further review. For this Assignment, you will consider in more detail the healthcare issue/stressor you selected. You will also review research that addresses the issue/stressor and write a white paper to your organization’s leadership that addresses the issue/stressor you selected.

To Prepare:

  • Review the national healthcare issues/stressors presented in the Resources and reflect on the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected for study.
  • Reflect on the feedback you received from your colleagues on your Discussion post for the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected.
  • Identify and review two additional scholarly resources (not included in the Resources for this module) that focus on change strategies implemented by healthcare organizations to address your selected national healthcare issue/stressor.

The Assignment (3-4 Pages):

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Develop a 3- to 4-page paper, written to your organization’s leadership team, addressing your selected national healthcare issue/stressor and how it is impacting your work setting. Be sure to address the following:

  • Describe the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected and its impact on your organization. Use organizational data to
    NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay
    NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay

    quantify the impact (if necessary, seek assistance from leadership or appropriate stakeholders in your organization).

  • Provide a brief summary of the two articles you reviewed from outside resources on the national healthcare issue/stressor. Explain how the healthcare issue/stressor is being addressed in other organizations.
  • Summarize the strategies used to address the organizational impact of national healthcare issues/stressors presented in the scholarly resources you selected. Explain how they may impact your organization both positively and negatively. Be specific and provide examples.

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Looking Ahead

The paper you develop in Module 1 will be revisited and revised in Module 2. Review the Assignment instructions for Module 2 to prepare for your revised paper

From a general perspective, healthcare provision involves identifying health problems affecting the populace and developing practical intervention measures. As this happens, policies are made to streamline care delivery as healthcare providers keep learning to improve outcomes. The overall mandate of care providers is to enhance patient safety while striving to optimize quality always. However, everything does not occur smoothly as envisioned since many healthcare stressors affect care delivery and prevent healthcare providers from meeting the set goals. This paper assesses the impacts of nursing shortage as a pertinent healthcare issue at the organizational level and summarizes evidence-based interventions applied by other organizations.

The Nursing Shortage Problem

In practice, healthcare providers should be kept free from exhaustion. The care providers to patient ratio should be manageable such that healthcare providers are not physically and mentally drained.  Nursing shortage occurs when the number of patients is high to the extent that care providers cannot provide satisfactory services. The problem creates an environment where care providers are highly dissatisfied and ready to leave (Chang et al., 2017). In response, it has been the cause of 25% nurse turnover in the organization, with 10% of the care providers leaving the profession entirely. This data shows a lack of motivation to continue offering healthcare services irrespective of other measures such as rewards the organization applies to inspire employees.

NURS 6053 Analysis of a Pertinent Healthcare Issue Essay

Undeniably, this proportion of turnover is high and implies two things. Firstly, the organization will continue using massive resources to replace the lost workforce. Doing so leads to a scenario where some areas are underserved since resources are used wrongly. Secondly, turnover increases the healthcare burden to the employees left serving. Since the ones left behind are overworked, they are easily frustrated and can quit too. Eventually, a cycle where patients are underserved and dissatisfied ensues. Such instances reduce the overall quality of care and make it challenging to achieve the set objectives.

Nurses who hold a bachelor degree or higher are expected to make up at least 80% of all registered nurses by 2020, according to Gerardi, Farmer, and Hoffman (2018). The responsibility for finding and developing effective strategies for training and providing assistance to nurses so that they can further their education is being taken on by hospitals around the country. In the last few years, the hospital where I work has started hiring nurses with advanced degrees rather than those with merely a high school education to care for patients. To encourage those who are already employed to get a higher degree, there are leaflets on several bulletins. In order to prevent nurses from being discouraged from attending or dropping out of school due to financial concerns, the facility reimburses some of their tuition costs for those who apply to the bachelor’s degree.

There are also fast-track diploma programs for nurses who have already completed an Associates degree. This 15-month curriculum is available in RN and BSN concentrations. In light of the increasing diversity of the patient population, it is vital that nurses have a thorough understanding of non-medical issues that may affect their patients. In order to get a basic understanding of the cultural origins, religious affiliations, and racial distinctions in the healthcare system, for example (Marzuki, Hassan, Wichaikhum, & Nantsupawat, 2012). Because of the rapid pace of change in our environment, nurses must have more skills, knowledge, and competencies than ever before.

A healthcare facility and its patients can suffer as a result of having inept nurses on staff (Marshall, E., & Broome, 2017). It’s because nurses aren’t up-to-date on the current state of the nursing profession, and this results in poor patient care, miscommunication, misguidance, and misconceptions. The quality of patient care might be jeopardized, safety measures may be jeopardized, and untrained staff means more mistakes could be made with drugs, equipment operations, and so on if the workforce is degraded and nurses do not comprehend the current patient population.

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Grading Criteria

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Check Your Assignment Draft for Authenticity

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