Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

NRNP 6675 Assignment 1: Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner


Experienced Nurse with 6 years in acute care nursing seeking a Registered Nurse position in a healthcare facility, eager to earn skills and knowledge as an RN. Twelve (12) years’ experience in nursing as a (Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)worked in nursing home and homecare setting. Able to handle medical emergency or situations with skills to perform well under pressure. Ability to remain calm and act professional throughout critical incidents. Excellent interpersonal skills and dedicated worker with a great sense of purpose. Strong analytical skills, and capable of assessing conditions and implementing appropriate interventions.
CPR (Adult/Child) American Heart Association

Registered Nurse: Maryland and Compact State License #R215615, DC RN1037547

Licensed Practical Nurse: Maryland and Compact State License #LP49213



STAFF NURSE: Sibley Memorial Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine

·       Utilize the nursing process to provide safe, effective care that reflects the ethical values of nursing within professional practice standards and the legal parameters of the profession.

·       Implement a health-teaching/ nursing care plan for selected chronic and acutely ill patients and families with complex multi-system alterations in health.

·       Prioritize care for patients in acute care settings that evidence effective clinical decision-making.

·       Apply critical thinking to provide cost effective, quality care for patients and their families comprising the multidisciplinary health team.

·       EKG rhythm and laboratory practice, medication, and direct patient care

·       Administering medication, treatments, blood product transfusions or intravenous infusions while monitoring patients for adverse reactions

·       Analyze leadership, management and organizational behaviors, which influenc

Assignment 1 Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

Assignment 1 Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

e coordination, consultative and collaborative activities in health care systems.

·       Recognize ethical, legal, social, cultural, political, economic, and quality issues which impact on the health care delivery and nursing care in health care organizations.


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My dream even as a young child growing up in Nigeria, West Africa, was to become a Nurse but that dream was

Assignment 1 Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

Assignment 1 Nurse Practitioner Professional Career Planner

quickly dashed by my father who did not think nursing was a profitable and befitting career for his child. My dream was however realized years later when I came to the United States and worked my way up the Nursing ladder, from a Certified Nursing Assistant, to my current role as a Registered Nurse in the Oncology Unit of Sibley Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of John Hopkins Medicine, one of the largest Health care Systems recognized all over the world.

I am currently pursuing my MSN degree and will graduate as a Psych Mental Health Nurse Practitioner in February, 2023. My short-term goal is to successfully pass my certification exam and be employed in an organization where my critical thinking skills and expertise as a Mental health professional can be fully utilized.

My long-term goal is to have a Behavioral Health Clinic where I can treat and manage patients with mental and behavioral health challenges using a holistic approach as I am fully convinced that every aspect of the patient needs to be addressed, in order to achieve complete healing. I also hope to provide Mental and behavioral Health services in my native country Nigeria, where there is still a stigma attached to mental illness and there is inadequate infrastructure and services in place to provide assistance to those suffering from mental and behavioral health issues.