Contagious Diseases Discussion

Contagious Diseases Discussion

Contagious Diseases Discussion

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My assignment I want you reply participate my friend I attached the article first read it and than answer:

This is my question I ask my friend and they answer

Q: Since depression, anxiety, and stress are not contagious diseases, what makes caregivers, medical residents, and nurse practitioners ill with same illness of their patients?

First student answer:

I agree with you. However, although depression, anxiety, and stress are not contagious diseases, there may be some instances when caregivers, medical practitioners, and nurse practitioners acquire the same illness of their patients. One of the main reasons behind this is because aside from their personal concerns in life, they also constantly hear about the problems of other people. They become burned out over time and a higher risk of depression and stress is possible.

Q: Since any step taken to help the elderly could be considered communication; what would you be willing to sacrifice and be willing to do to help an elderly neighbor or family member in need of help?

Second student answer:

Communication skill program would be good opportunity for family to get together and try to understand each other. I think this program as said in the article would help to reduce the gap between elderly and young people. I am willing to sacrifice time, and money, depend on my ability, and help an elderly neighbor or family member. I would listen to elderly telling the story of their lives, where I would know how the life was, and learn more about tradition. I might spend some time with them because they need someone to talk to. Furthermore, I would learn to be patient in order to understand them because elderly lose their hearingContagious Diseases Discussion gradually and/or insist on their opinion. We should understand that elderly feeling include solitude, losing someone dear such as spouses, stress, depression, anxiety because they try to coincide with the times, reduce in physical and functional abilities, diseases, and career loss when they do not have a job to spend time and enjoy with other people in same age. Therefore, I would build veranda for elderly in my family or neighbor in order to gather with neighbors and enjoy their time were my family or my neighbors’ family can check on them. Furthermore, the veranda would be near in order for them to gather together any time they would like, and would not wait until they meet someone far away. Furthermore, I might let children sit with elderly in order to learn more about their grandparent experiences, tradition, and skills; thus, would help the families to have more stable life, and strengthen family bond and relationship.

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