NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

In this assignment, students as the project manager, develop and facilitate project communication including the variety of communication needs for all team members and stakeholders. The project manager is responsible for all project communication. The communication plan the project manager develops and disseminates must detail the types of communication expected throughout the project. It also documents how the information and reports will be shared and when.

To assist you, there is a document you will complete and attach as an appendix to the professional paper you will submit and an example of communication planning in Course Resources.

Complete the Communication Plan document. Attach as an appendix to the professional paper you will develop following the guidelines for Writing Professional Papers, found in Course Resources.

Project Plan Phase IV-Communication Plan

Communication in project management is a critical aspect that allows stakeholders to understand what is happening and monitor the overall implementation, assess if the project is meeting its goals, and any adjustments to improve the deliverables (Shad et al., 2019). Implementation of the new communication apps to enhance patient care interaction in healthcare involves different teams and professionals focused on better deliverables based on project timelines and budget. Communication ensures that all stakeholders appreciate the progress of the project, engage the project manager and his team, and provide input for improvement or effective delivery of anticipated outcomes and goals (Ahmed, 2019). The purpose of this assignment is develop a communication plan for project implementation. The paper identifies a variety of communication needs for all team members and stakeholders and sharing of information and reports as required during the problem.

NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

Communication Needs for all Team Members and Stakeholders

The critical aims of communication in project management is to apprise stakeholders about the overall project progress, attain their input, and feedback to incorporate into the project. Communication allows project managers and teams to understand the completed tasks and their timelines based on tools like work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt charts. Communication ensures that project teams understand their roles, assigned tasks, the progress of their completion, and any changes that may arise due to different organizational needs.

The need for communication is also important as project managers make reports that they present to project

NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

NR 640 W7 Communication Plan Solved

sponsors and other stakeholders to attain their input and ensure timely delivery of project goals. Team members and project managers hold daily and weekly sessions to evaluate the progress of a project and if its meeting the set objectives and goals. The core of a project communication plan is identifying how important information will be delivered to the stakeholders throughout the project (Shad et al., 2019). The communication plan in this case implores the project manager to provide information on task execution to the teams to ensure that they are within the timelines. The need for communication with the different project teams depends on the nature of the project. In this case, regular communication with the teams will occur on a daily basis for effective execution of the project and to ensure that it does not creep. Further, the communication needs of the project will involve providing feedback to the teams and their leaders to ascertain necessary improvements.

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Types of Communication Expected in the Project

Project management requires different types of communication to a diverse stakeholder base. Project managers should ensure that all stakeholders, right from teams to individuals assigned duties and roles understand these aspects. The implication is that as a project manager, one needs to ensure that all different teams get their respective information through reports, feedback, inputs, and evaluation. Through this approach, a project manager makes specific communication to appraise the teams (Yap et al., 2018). The communication types expected in project execution include reports, discussion board and presentations, project plans and memos to different stakeholders and surveys. Project managers can also make calls, write emails and hold informal sessions with their teams to apprise them of the new development, what is expected and changes that may require alteration of plans and project management tools like work breakdown structure.

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The communication apps project will require the manager to offer daily and weekly reports to the sponsors and the management, conduct surveys to ensure that all assigned duties and roles meet project goals and deliverables, and offer feedback to the different service providers, especially vendors on the need integrate the apps to improve overall communication.

The project manager will also hold meetings with sponsors and teams on a weekly basis to evaluate their reports and feedback to incorporate into the project and if need arises, make necessary alterations. The project manager will also hold discussion boards with the system vendors to understand how the system works and its integration into the organizational structure to attain set goals. The final type of communication for the project manager will be presentations that he will do to the stakeholders before the commencement of the project.

Furthermore, the manager will make presentations before the teams and system vendors to demonstrate the expected outcomes and what they should do to improve delivery of the set goals (Pivec & Maček, 2019). Additionally, at the completion of the project, the project manager will provide a compiled and comprehensive report detailing all components of the project, its execution, and final deliverables. The final report will be presented to the sponsors during the handing over session. The report will contain evaluation mechanism and any anticipated alterations and how the team in the facility, especially informatics nurses, can go about its implementation.


Communication is the backbone of any successful projects. Project managers are expected to have effective communication skills to provide all required information to their teams for effective delivery of expected goals and objectives. Communication will ensure that the project is implemented in the most effective manner and meets the organizational needs.




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