NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5: Quantitative Study Article

NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5: Quantitative Study Article

Week 2 Discussion 5

In her article, Black (2011) carries out a quantitative study about nurses’ attitudes toward patient advocacy activities; specifically, the need to report unsafe patient care events and conditions that could lead to adverse effects like acquisition of hospital-associated infections (HAIs). The study findings show that nurses lack a positive attitude concerning reporting unsafe patient conditions that could lead to infections. The article analyzes data using different criteria that include rating the percentage of respondents, those who said were aware of a patient care condition that may harm a patient but failed to report, and the reasons for not reporting. Therefore, data analysis in the article is based on demographic aspect, reporting activities and using models like the Likert agreement scale. The research analyzes all these components and presents them using percentages and figures based on the total number of participants.

The data analysis in qualitative and quantitative research designs differs in various ways. Firstly, qualitative data.

NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5 Quantitative Study Article

NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5 Quantitative Study Article

Firstly, data analysis in qualitative research expresses subjective opinions or views and positions. However, data analysis in quantitative research focuses on showing numbers based on certain themes or areas identified in the study (De Block & Vis, 2019). Secondly, data collection approaches differ implying that even the analysis will not be similar. For instance, qualitative research uses interviews where participants have open-ended questions to provide verbal responses. However, quantitative research design employs surveys with closed or multiple choice questions (Muller et al., 2021). Therefore, data analysis will be based on each of the areas of interest as themed by the researchers.

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Studies required to bring the solution into practice is the need to have in-depth understanding of reporting mechanisms in organizations on patient care conditions that may be harmful to provision of quality care for patients (Hessels et al., 2019). These studies should focus on the need to motivate healthcare workers, especially nurses to make reporting of adverse events a core part of their professional ethical mandates.

NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5 Quantitative Study Article

NU 515 Week 2 Discussion 5 Quantitative Study Article


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