NU 560 Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice Week 8 Discussion

NU 560
Research Methods and Evidence-Based Practice

Week 8 Reflective

Reflect back over the term. What one thing did you learn in
the course that you were able to apply in your work during the term? What one thing are you most looking forward
to applying to your career in the future. What future trends may influence how
nurses use evidence to improve the quality of patient care?

A reminder of the course objectives may help you reflect on
this term:

1. Explain the purpose of nursing research in an
evidence-based practice environment.

2. Differentiate qualitative and quantitative research in
terms of philosophy, methodology, and outcome.

3. Critically analyze various types of research methods,
designs, for scientific merit.

4. Investigate the literature to gain knowledge related to a
select problem in education, administration or practice.

5. Evaluate the reliability, validity, and typical outcomes
of instruments commonly used for nursing research.

6. Explore ethical principles as they relate to research and
evidence-based practice

7. Design a research proposal that incorporates scholarly
inquiry applicable to a select problem in nursing practice, education or

I think spiritual values do influence the decision to maintain academic integrity because otherwise, it would be hypocrisy. If one claims to be a spiritual being but cheats their way through life, then the question becomes who do we actually think we’re fooling? It is necessary to stay true to oneself and to choose the proper thing to do even when no one’s looking, to me, that’s the true definition of integrity. I also believe one must constantly work at or renew their spiritual beliefs because we’re all human without perfection so, at times will’s get weak and we envision success by taking the easier way out such as cheating on a test or taking credit where it isn’t due by putting our names on others’ work, committing infractions known to us as plagiarism but causing greater damage to the soul. We must remember every good thing worth having requires putting in the work required to achieve those goals. The constant struggle within to always do the right thing is understandable but, if we nourish the positivity more than we nourish the negativity, making the appropriate decisions become second nature and the struggle to make the desirable choices are lessened. It’s a greater sense of appreciation to know the goals achieved were achieved honestly and through hard work. When one puts in honest work, the process is respected!

The Agency
for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

A Review on How to Access and Implement AHRQ’s
Evidence-Based Resources to Inform your Clinical Practice

Presenter: Sharon T. Constans, RN, MSN, Director, Hayes CARE
and Managing Editor, Search & Summary, Hayes, Inc.

Nurse practitioners (NPs) and other advanced practice
registered nurses (APRNs) are leading providers of health care services in the
United States and will play an increasingly prominent role in patient care as
access expands. NPs can play an important role in promoting evidence-based
preventive health practices by, for example, incorporating recommendations from
the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) into clinical
practice. AHRQ has incorporated USPSTF recommendations into the Electronic
Preventive Services Selector (ePSS), which is a user-friendly evidence-based
decision support tool designed for mobile technology. In addition, AHRQ has a
number of other resources, such as the Effective Health Care (EHC) Program,
which are designed to provide clinicians with current evidence on a wide
variety of tests and treatments.

The purpose of this Webinar is to provide an overview of
AHRQs evidence-based publicly available tools and resources to inform clinical

View Course Content: Click Here

Target Audience: Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Overall Learning Purpose/Goal:

This webinar aims to promote the value of, and inform
participants about, the AHRQ evidence-based resources available to NPs,
including the Electronic Preventive Services Selector (ePSS) tool and Effective
Health Care (EHC) Program resources, and to offer participants techniques to
use these resources in their daily practice to support clinical decisionmaking
and to improve quality of care.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be
able to:

Describe the 5 major steps in conducting a systematic

List the evidence-based resources available on the AHRQ Web
site, including those available through the EHC Program.

Locate the resources available on the USPSTF Web site,
including the ePSS tool.

Explain how the EHC Program resources, the USPSTF
recommendations, and the ePSS tool can be integrated into APRN clinical

Demonstrate how to download the ePSS application to a PDA or
mobile device.

This program was planned in accordance with AANP CE
Standards and Policies and AANP Commercial Support Standards.

If you have questions about the presentation, please e-mail
us at:

This Webinar has been funded and developed by the Agency for
Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) with Hayes, Inc. as a contractor; there
has been no outside commercial support.

Presenter(s)/staff do not endorse any commercial services or
products displayed in this Webinar.

Presenter(s)/staff have no conflicts of interest or relevant
financial relationships to disclose.

Presenter(s)/staff do not recommend or endorse the off-label
use of drugs, mechanical devices, biologics, or diagnostics not approved by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This Webinar is not intended to promote any specific
clinical intervention or as an evaluation of current clinical practice.

to topic Paper

This assignment is the first step in completing the final
paper on a researchable topic in either nursing practice or nursing
education. You will use this topic to guide the ethics topic assignment in Unit
3, the literature review in Unit 4 and the completed paper in Unit 6. . The purpose of the paper is to explore a
clinical evidence based practice and/or best practices in nursing education.
This paper will be completed in three steps: Step 1, the question you seek to
answer; Step 2: A literature review; and Step 3: A final synthesis and analysis
of what you discovered and areas open for further research. Please use AHRQ , an organizational evidence-based
standard and/or applicable education
Best Practice to guide your topic development. The introduction gives some
history of the topic, the reason is important to nursing practice and/or
nursing education, and the conclusion summarizes the first two parts and then
provides a brief introduction to the next section, the literature review.

This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a
title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract will only be
included in your final paper. Write a
2-3-page paper (not including title page and reference page) addressing the

Background of a clinical practice problem or educational
problem related to your practice. The
PICO(T) format is used to organize research evidence to address clinical
problems. You will use the PICO(T) question to identify relevant studies needed
to develop evidenced based practice or best practices in nursing education.

considerations for Research topic investigation

This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a
title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract is not required.
Write a 3-4 page paper (in addition to the title page and reference page)
addressing the following:

considerations for the topic selected in Unit 1

Headings to include:

Best practices and/or
evidence-based practice

Identify Risks

Address HIPAA and/or
FERPA concerns

Informed Consent

Conclusion – this
section should also incorporate
principles and concepts from the Belmont Report that apply to your topic
of study.


This is Part 2 of your topic development – The Literature
Review for the research question you identified in Week 1.

This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a
title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract will only be
included in your final paper. Write a
4-5-page paper (in addition to the title page and reference page) for your
literature review:

Select appropriate sources of evidence to support your
research topic and compose a literature review supporting your proposal.
Include a discussion regarding your investigation and search for the literature
to gain knowledge related to your proposal. Please use appropriate headings.
Sources are to be within 3-5 years unless the study was the “Mother of all
Studies.” This means the earlier study precipitated all the research that
followed. If you should use an historical study, be sure to include how the
subsequent research supported the original study and/or negated the findings
creating evidence that initiated a change in practice or beliefs.

Final Paper
– Research proposal development

This is the last written assignment for your research
proposal. Please review previous assignments and make revisions as indicated by
feedback provided. The previous assignments, discussion boards, and
identification of evidence based clinical practice or best educational practive
were necessary for you to start the process of developing a proposal for a
research proposal. You are not conducting
original research; you will only be developing a proposal for future research.
You identified a model to promote EBP clinical research and/or Best practices
in nursing education in last week’s discussion board. Please use model to organize your final proposal.
In addition, integrate the Part 1 PICO(T) paper, Part 2 Literature review and
this Part 3 to synthesize your findings and draw conclusions. Include in Part 3
how you might apply for funding for this project. Please use the Proposal paper
outline provided for you during the first week as a guide for your paper.

This assignment requires proper APA format. This includes a
title page, reference page, and proper headings. An abstract is required for
this final proposal. The Final EBPG
proposal requires 15-20 pages in addition to the title page, abstract page, and
reference page.

of Research Topic

Please choose a research topic to investigate from the list
provided. If you are enrolled in the FNP concentration choose from the list of
clinical topics. If you are enrolled in the Nurse Educator concentration choose
from the list of education topics. Personal choice topics will not be
entertained as these areas for research follow the guidelines of the agencies
that develop accreditation and certification criteria.


Once you have selected your topic. Write 2-3 paragraphs
supporting the rationale for your choice and how you will develop this topic.
Using the PICO(T) format construct one quantitative question and one
qualitative question setting the stage for developing your research
investigation. Include a discussion on which research methodology you feel
would be most appropriate for your investigation.

Research Topics for Proposal

Clinical Topics for investigation

Topics in chronic care across the lifespan





Chronic neurological disorders


Renal disease


Diagnosis and clinical management of acute disorders through
the lifespan

Pediatric disorders

Women’s health

Health promotion and preventive care issues ( See Healthy
People 2020)

End of life care

Bullying and incivility in clinical practice

Prescriptive authority for APRNs

Educational topics for investigation

Use of audience response systems to engage students

Nurse educator shortage and impact on creating a nursing

Effects of simulation on clinical skill development.

Creating a caring environment in nursing education

The challenges of teaching millennials in the classroom

Civility and incivility in nursing education

Best practices in online learning

Promoting engagement in the online classroom

Item writing and learner assessment

Educating new nurses for the 21st century

Incorporating technology into the classroom

Topics in clinical nursing education

Use of smart technology in the clinical area

Electronic medical records/health records


Practices PowerPoint Presentation

This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to
present your proposal. Final proposal
PPT assignment requires 10-15 slides to provide a synopsis of your proposal.
The PPT needs to include your voice. You may do a voice over PPT presentation
or use screen cast o matic for your presentation.

Here is the link to the free version:

Please see rubric for grading criteria. Points will be
deducted for lateness.