NUR 503 Discussion 8a

NUR 503 Discussion 8a

Globalization is a not a new phenomenon but critical to health provision based on frameworks such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Globalization has the potential to impact positively on overall health and primary care services at the international level. The implication is that advanced practice nurses should be at the forefront as critical care providers to offer increased education and awareness about the existing healthcare challenges and disparities that impact different patient populations (Edmonson et al., 2017). As critical care providers, their roles include advocating for enhanced resources and accessibility by patients to ensure that they get quality care interventions and address the underlying healthcare challenges. Additionally, the advanced practice nurses have the capability to expand access to health and improve overall health outcomes at the global and international level by developing interventions based on evidence and translation of research studies to their clinical practice environment (Maier & Aiken, 2017). Nurses should support and advocate for a standardized approach to healthcare through implementation of universal health care infrastructure, especially in developing countries and among minority populations in advanced economies that are disproportionately impacted by the existing structures in healthcare access.

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Advanced practice nurses can assist in addressing issues and contribute towards the attainment of the Millennium

NUR 503 Discussion 8a

NUR 503 Discussion 8a

Development Goals and sustainable development through increased participation in policymaking and leadership roles in care practice and their areas of service delivery (Powell & Milstead, 2019). Participation in policy formulation is a critical aspect of developing policies that will help improve accessibility and affordability of care provision (Torres-Alzate, 2019). Advanced practice nurses should express their views and opinions and develop evidence-based practice interventions that can be used to enhance accessibility and reduce the current disparities in health care for different populations.


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NUR 503 Discussion 8a

NUR 503 Discussion 8a

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