NURS 8200 Identify the overall themes you selected from coding the posts

NURS 8200 Discussion 2: Coding of Qualitative Data

NURS 8200 Identify the overall themes you selected from coding the posts

For this discussion we were asked to analyze the qualitative data collected from the Class Cafe done during the introduction for this class. There is no singularly appropriate way to conduct qualitative data analysis (Bradley et al., 2007). Coding of qualitative data involves development, finalization, and application of the code structure (Bradley et al, 2007).

When searching for themes I looked at the data that each student entered and picked out the most common. Students identified their educational backgrounds, current positions or career goals, number of years being a nurse, areas where they are currently living, and their aspirations for becoming a DNP.

Analysis and Conclusion

My analysis is that of the 30 posts included in the Class Cafe, almost all of the students hold MSN degrees that were obtained in the last few years, and most notably were obtained from Walden University. My thoughts are that many students may have taken advantage of the financial incentives to a reduction in tuition rate for alumni of the university. For myself the reduced tuition rate is the reason I decided to also attend the DNP program at Walden.

We have a few PMHNPs in the class, one student reports obtaining her degree from Walden University in 2018 and work in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, this nurse has about 8 years nursing experience. Another nurse was a former chemist before becoming a nurse about 15 years ago, he is currently a geriatric NP. 16 years nursing experience and  a NP in adult gerontology with a southern HBCU is another classmate background. Another nurse has a background as a nurse anesthetist and 18 years nursing experience, she is also a 2020 MSN grad from Walden University. And lastly, one nurse work in LTC and hospice but did not list her educational background. Some of the classmates talked about their family (number of children, spouse), one nurse spoke about her fur babies. While various goals were listed, the common theme seems to be that by obtaining the DNP degree most hope it will improve their practice in order to have better outcomes with their patients. The last theme I examined was geographical location of the students; most reside on the east coast of the country, there is one student from a Caribbean island.

Experience Gained

What I have learned from this assignment is how to study qualitative data, how to analyze it, and how to make a report of my findings.

NURS 8200 Identify the overall themes you selected from coding the posts
NURS 8200 Identify the overall themes you selected from coding the posts

Unlike quantitative data that deals with measurable things such as numbers, temperature or time, qualitative data uses descriptive words such as gender, race, class, etc. Coding of qualitative data can be time consuming and labor intensive, but by coding the data you will ensure validity, give voice to the participants, and ensuring transparency (Linneberg & Korsgaard, 2019).


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Good approach on the difference between qualitative and quantitative data. As you stated in your post, quantitative data deals with measurable things such as numbers, temperature, or time. However, qualitative data uses descriptive words. Qualitative research is defined as an umbrella term covering an array of interpretative techniques which seek to describe, decode, translate, and otherwise come to terms with the meaning, not the frequency of certain more or less naturally occurring phenomena in the social world (Al-Busaidi, 2018).

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A primary division between coding approaches is concept-driven coding versus data-driven coding (or open coding). One may approach the data with a developed system of codes and look for concepts/ideas in the text (concept-driven approach), or one can look for ideas/concepts in the text without an initial conceptualization and let the text speak for itself (data-driven coding) (Bergen & Cessda, 2020). Investigators can either use a predetermined coding scheme or review the initial responses or observations to construct a coding system based on emerging significant categories. Both methods require initial and thorough data readings and writing down which patterns or themes you notice. Qualitative coding is often a word or short phrase (Bergen & Cessda, 2020).


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