NURS 8200 Post a proposed research problem statement

NURS 8200 Discussion: Starting the Research Process

NURS 8200 Post a proposed research problem statement

Problem statements are important in research because it drives your purpose statement and describes how you will address the problem (Flamez et al, 2017). The problem statement is one or two sentences in whitch you will seek the answers to the following questions: what is the problem? Who does it affect? How do you resolve the problem? Every research begins with a problem the researcher would like to solve, so my question is how do we prevent children and adolescents from developing Internet Addiction in the age of technology?

Nursing Care Problem Identified

The nursing care problem I have identified is the increased in number of children with excessive internet use. Internet addiction (IA) has been identified as a mental health problem as defined by Beard & Wolf (2001) as the overuse of internet with subsequent impairment of the person’s psychological health, social interaction, and academic or occupational disturbance. Children and adolescents are increasingly at risk as cellphones with internet are given to children to use at young age. My son has had a cellphone

NURS 8200 Post a proposed research problem statement
NURS 8200 Post a proposed research problem statement

with internet since the age of 7 (he is now 14). I worry about how this past year has affected his mental health because of virtual learning due to the pandemic and social isolation because of being at home and not around his friends. In the Fall he will be going to high school and will need help transitioning from the middle school, as his entire 8th grade was spent in the virtual environment. IA is not just a problem that we experience in the United States, but a global healthcare issue. In Asia the prevalence of IA range from 2% to 18% (Christakis, 2010). In the article I read a quantitative research was done on Chinese and American students, results revealed the sex of the students with the highest internet usage; (Chinese males were 15.7% compared to U.S. males at 7.3%. U.S. females came in at 9.7% while Chinese females were 5.8%. India had a 11.8% incident of IA of school age children (Yadav et al., 2013), and a 42% prevalence of IA in college students (Krishnamurthy & Chetlapalli, 2015).

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