Regis NU 606 Week 11 Assignment 2020 May

Regis NU 606 Week 11 Assignment 2020 May

Regis NU 606 Week 11 Assignment 2020 May

NU606 Advanced Pathophysiology

Week 11 Assignment

Diabetes Case Study

Choose one of the following case studies from Chapter 16 for your entry:

Case Study A: Diabetes Mellitus Type I

Case Study B: Diabetes Mellitus Type IIRegis NU 606 Week 11 Assignment 2020 May

Review the case study and answer all the questions posed in the study. Your introductory paragraph should provide a summary of the case and the purpose statement. Remember to provide a citation for each answer. Also note, the case studies do not directly address nutrition and dietary restrictions in DM; however, make sure that you address not only dietary restrictions, but also how diet plays an active role in both the development of the disease and treatment success.

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Reflect on your experience with a patient who had Diabetes Mellitus Type I or II. Discuss your knowledge of physiology compared to pathophysiology relating to this disorder and how equipped you felt to care for this patient. After this week’s study, what piece of advice or pearl of information have you learned?

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for details on how this activity will be graded. Remember that despite answering questions relating to only one type of Diabetes Mellitus, students must have a strong understanding of both types of DM as well as a working knowledge of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.