Sociology the Minimum Wage Essay

Sociology the Minimum Wage Essay

Sociology the Minimum Wage Essay

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What do you believe the federal minimum wage should be? Be sure to take a sociological perspective and reference the concept of living wage while crafting an argument.

A well-written post elaborating on your spirituality according to your worldview and the influence your conception of spirituality has in the way you care for patients. I agree as mentioned in your writing that, treating others as one would like to be treated, that humans share a close bond with nature, and we are all connected to each other is a vital component of relieving human suffering in the world as we all aim to help one another through tough times in life with support, guidance, and love as nurses do on a daily basis by incorporating patients faith and spirituality into their plan of care. I would like to expand on your post by mentioning the following, the acknowledgment and implementation of using patients religious or spiritual beliefs in their care facilitate a patient-centered experience during times of illness while promoting patients’ overall well-being and counteracting any forms of spiritual distress to optimize their state of health for the best outcomes. How can nurses assess patients’ spiritual needs? Nurses can assess if patient’s spiritual needs are unmet by observing and noting the following, if patients ask, “why is this happening?”, “why me?”, “who am I?”, or “how will I be remembered?” or if patients are withdrawn or isolated, seem afraid to be left alone, refuse care, and if they state they are scared or worried (Marie Curie, 2019, para. 8). After these quick assessments of areas regarding the patient’s spirituality, nurses can then further their assessment by utilizing a conversation tool with their patients to gain insightful information on assisting to help patients address their spiritual needs. The assessment tool to be utilized is known as “HOPE” based on the following questions that will be asked to the patient, Hope – “What are your sources of hope, strength, comfort, and peace?”, Organized religion – “Do you have a religion or faith? How important is your faith religion or faith to you?”, Personal spirituality and practices – “What do you do that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose in life? In what ways does this add to your sense of identity?”, and Effects on medical care and of life issues – “Has being unwell stopped you doing things that give your life meaning and purpose? Are there any specific practices we should know about in providing for your care?” (Marie Curie, 2019, para. 10). Nurses providing spiritual care by first performing these assessments allow for building of the nurse-patient relationship in trust and rapport and will give the patient a sense of being listened to and cared for based on their views. This approach of astute nursing fosters the patients’ health in the right direction of patient-centered care to achieve the best outcomes during states of illness.

Background Information:

On January 14, 2021, as President-elect Joe Biden unveiled a $1.9 trillion

coronavirus aid package, he urged Congress to raise the federal minimum wage to

$15 per hour, a number still below the cost of living for many Americans. “Florida

just passed it, as divided as that state is, they just passed it,” he said, “The rest of the

country is ready to move as well.” Indeed, the proposal has bipartisan support, since

as far back as July 27, 2016 Donald Trump chimed in, “The minimum wage has to go

up…But I think…that states should really call the shot…At the same time, people

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have to be taken care of.” Despite declarations from both political sides, the federal

minimum wage has remained stagnant at $7.25 since July 24th, 2009.

Proponents contend that the current minimum wage fails to meet the

requirements to have a basic quality of life and leaves families reliant on

government programs for additional income. Instead, they call for the institution of a living wage

, or the minimum income necessary for a worker to meet their needs

that are considered to be basic with respect to geographic location. They argue that

with a living wage an individual can take pride in their work and enjoy the decency

of a life beyond the ditch of poverty wages. Since a living wage is a complete

consideration of the cost of living in an area, it fluctuates according to where you

live and the size of your family [you can find a living wage calculator at

Opponents say a higher minimum wage will hurt jobs. Their argument is that

employers will hire fewer people or reduce their hours to maintain lower operating

costs. They may compensate for the extra expense in other ways that can hurt

consumers, such as by raising prices. Instead, many argue that wages should be

dictated by the free market, whatever a worker is worth, rather than by any

government-imposed limits.

In my own worldview, spirituality is acknowledging that even if people have their own deity, the common ground is knowing that there may be a higher being that exists in the world. For me, this higher being is good and that we are created quite similarly for a reason. I like to think that we are all connected somehow as our layers are so similar and we are made out of similar things, biologically speaking. I like to think that there is something good in humankind and so I meditate about this almost daily. It seems as if my culture that is heavy on Christianity plays a role, but I have a lot of love toward differences. 

I feel that this has influenced my patient care because not only is individualized care important, it is important to accept the person’s beliefs and care for them without any judgment. My spirituality, which also is influenced heavily by Christianity, has taught me that having faith through a higher being includes all of life’s good existence in all that humans experience (Bogue and Hogan, 2018). This is what exists in ordinary life while doing things such as traveling, forming relationships, and as our text stated, also in the nursing field to name a few (Bogue and Hogan, 2018). For me, I find satisfaction whenever I care for my patients even if the nursing field is one of the craziest decisions I’ve ever done in my life. However, serving others gave me purpose as a human being which I am willing to do.


Bogue, D.W, Hogan, M. (2018). Foundational Issues in Christian Spirituality and Ethics. In An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision Making in Health Care. (Chapter 1). Grand Canyon University.