You find that your staff is not aware of the budgeted staffing model for their nursing unit








Managing Labor

DQ 1

Staffing models are effective in ensuring efficiency in nursing care in an institution. Nurse leaders and managers should ensure the awareness of their staffs to the staffing models being utilized in determining the resource needs in their organizations. One of the ways in which I will educate the staffs about the budgeted staffing model for their unit is collaborating with them. Collaboration is an important tool that enhances the transparency and visibility of institutional activities. It promotes improved outcomes in the implementation of change initiatives, as well as the understanding of the team about the vision, mission, and objectives of the adopted models of care (Atiku & Fapohunda, 2020). Through collaboration, I will focus on increasing their understanding of the budgeted model and its effectiveness in delivering the expected outcomes in the organization. The other strategy that I will adopt is having a

consultative discussion with the staff members. The discussion increases their understanding of the need and use of the staffing model in achieving institutional outcomes.

One of the most important factors to address in creating awareness among the staffs is the development of the model. The staffs should be informed about the indicators that informed the selection of the model and its effectiveness in addressing the needs of the organization. The other factor is the effect of the model on the staffs, safety, and quality of patient care. Accordingly, the model should underpin the realization of care outcomes that include increased provider and patient satisfaction, engagement, and cost efficiency in healthcare (Buckley et al., 2021). The consideration of the above factors is important in optimizing the effectiveness of the adopted staffing model.




You find that your staff is not aware of the budgeted staffing model for their nursing unit

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