BA 302 Business Law and Ethics Week 1 Discussion

BA 302 Business Law and Ethics Week 1 Discussion

BA 302 Business Law and Ethics Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Must post first.

Stare Decisis–  from the Latin means stand on prior court decisions. By number identify one problem, aka issue R1 thru R6 you think the law (courts) should continue as is (uphold) and stand on precedent. You may list your own Other issue #6 with explanation, if you don’t choose one of the five issues.

Then identify one problem or issue you feel the law (courts) should change (meaning you feel the law should not stand on precedent).

Below is a list of topics which many consider to be significant problems.

The numbered subjects below are “Issues” because there are pro and con points that can be brought up on each.  We are not looking for a particular correct answer. Your response will be assessed and points awarded based on the level of your critical thinking/analysis. “Pick Two” out of the eleven problems?

The problems or Issues are as follows:

Stand on Precedent- Don’t change (Explain)             Don’t stand on Precedent.

Change the Law (Explain your reasoning)

R1 thru 6 don’t change, stand on precedent        Green 1 thru 5 – Change existing law Now!

R1. Women’s lib in solved this.                          G1. unfairness toward women is a problem

R2. I say yes to legal marijuana!                         G2. no legal weed because…

R3. I keep my gun 2nd amendment.                   G3. gun control is needed!

R4. I support the POLICE.                                     G4. Criminal Justice System is unjust

R5. Global Warming is Fake Science                   G5. Global Warming is world’s top problem

R6. My own Issue I want to stay “as is”

BA 302 Business Law and Ethics Week 1 Discussion
BA 302 Business Law and Ethics Week 1 Discussion

Instructor – Add your first discussion topic (question) here. Then complete the remaining DQ topics, deleting any extras that you will not be using.

Please add only your question here and use the forum for specific instructions. Don’t forget to check the “Users may start a thread…” box if you do not want students to view other posts prior to answering the question themselves. Also, remember to add your point for this topic under the Assessment tab.

DQ2 Topic 2 What is business practices are most unfair to women ?Contains unread posts

In discussion topic 1 many classmates felt women have not achieved equality with men.   Should women first address equal pay,  or sexual harassment, or promotion up the business ladder? Explain your reasoning…

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