DHS 4426 PICO Approach & Health Science Paper

DHS 4426 PICO Approach & Health Science Paper

DHS 4426 PICO Approach & Health Science Paper

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Using the information and resources from Chapter 3 and the supplemental video series and
accompanying activity by Kristin Whitman, ISU Health Sciences Librarian, apply the first two
steps in the EBP process as discussed in Chapter 3 to complete this assignment.
Patient Case #1: A 49-year-old Caucasian female with a history of increased cardiometabolic
risk (increased triglycerides, elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol [LDL-C], overweight)
is visiting her primary care provider (PCP) for her yearly health check. She has gained some
weight in the past year and read on some websites that the ketogenic (keto) diet can help with

losing weight. The patient asks her PCP about whether she should try the keto diet to lose
weight. Her PCP is concerned about the potential effects of the diet for this patient given her
history of elevated LDL-C and wonders if there is a better dietary pattern for her to follow for
successful weight loss that would also benefit her other cardiometabolic risk factors.
Patient Case #2: A 45-year-old African American male completes a physical at the onsite health
clinic where he works. His blood pressure is 135/80 mmHg, which is considered stage 1
hypertension (HTN). The clinician completing his physical suggests that the patient begin
medication to treat his HTN and wants to prescribe lisinopril. The patient remembers that his
father had mild HTN and was able to manage it with lifestyle habits instead of medication. Thus,
the patients wants to discuss and try other options first.
Step 1: Choose one of the patient case scenarios. Based on that patient case scenario, complete
the PICO table below.
Step 2: After completing the PICO table, develop a complete and thorough PICO question. Be
sure to include all of the elements of a PICO question as described in the Chapter 3 lecture and
supplemental lectures posted on Moodle.

Step 3: Based on the examples in Chapter 3 and the activity you completed in Kristin’s lectures
(videos #4 and #5), complete a keyword table for words/concepts extracted from the PICO
question you created in Step 2. Please list all of the concept keywords and synonyms that you
used to narrow your search. You can add columns to the table as needed.
Concept 1 – [insert
Concept 2– [insert
Concept 3 – [insert
Concept 4– [insert
(keywords are

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synonyms, related,
variant spellings of
concept 1)

Step 4a: After completing Steps 1-3, complete a literature search using the concept keywords
and synonyms from Step 3 and the tips provided by Kristin Whitman in her lectures to
find a research article of the highest level of evidence to answer your PICO question. As
you complete the literature search, identify and list the keywords or phrases that did not fit with
your PICO question keywords and would not help you find an appropriate research article to
answer your PICO question.

Search Words or Phrases to Exclude
Step 4b: As you complete your literature search using the keywords you brainstormed in
Step 3, identify a research article to submit as evidence to answer your PICO question.
Please note that you need to find a research article, not a review article, editorial, or
commentary article. Examples of appropriate research articles are those listed in the higher
levels of evidence described in Chapter 2, including clinical guidelines with ratings, systematic
reviews and meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials, clinical trials, and observational
studies. If you are having a hard time finding an appropriate research article, please utilize more
than one literature search database or resource to identify and select the research most relevant to
your PICO question. You can also email me to confirm that the article you are planning to
use for the assignment is an appropriate article.
After choosing an article with the highest level of evidence to answer your PICO question,
provide the citation for your article using either APA or AMA style. Please list the citation
of the article accurately to receive full points for this part of the assignment. Please review the
handouts available at the ISU Writing Center for APA formatting or the Owl at Purdue for AMA
formatting. Indicate the resource in which you found the article and attach a PDF copy of the
article or a hyperlink (if the hyperlink is to an open public page and not a website that requires
a login).