Discussion: Knowledge of Fields HLT 317

Discussion: Knowledge of Fields HLT 317

Discussion: Knowledge of Fields HLT 317

While all allied health care professionals have specialized knowledge in their fields, applying that knowledge in the clinical setting necessitates each practitioner seeing his or her role as a vital component of the larger whole if cost-effective quality care is to be provided.

After becoming acquainted with the content of the various views in the “Allied Health Community” media, select “Patient Process” by selecting “Scenarios” and then “Patient Process,” which is located under the “Views” drop down window (Make sure that “Patient Process” is on the “ON” mode). This section of the media depicts allied health professions that have direct interactions with patients. Discuss the following topics in light of this media component:

1. Why is it critical for a health care practitioner to have a basic understanding of the collaborative team’s scope of practice and role in order to provide cost-effective quality care?

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2. What communication skills would the practitioner need to develop in order to effectively communicate research with the

Discussion Knowledge of Fields HLT 317
Discussion Knowledge of Fields HLT 317

collaborative team and achieve the desired results?

Consider the following scenarios when discussing communication skills with the collaborative team:

1. Interacting with people from different cultures, races, or genders.

2. Communicating in order to resolve a conflict.

3. Using communication to foster teamwork.

How would you change your communication style to be more effective in achieving your goals?

Use APA documentation to cite at least one reference to support your reasoning.

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