Discussion post- Nursing Informatics.

Discussion post- Nursing Informatics.

Discussion post- Nursing Informatics.

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Few professions in the modern era do not rely on data to some extent. Stockbrokers rely on market data to provide financial advice to their clients. Meteorologists use weather data to forecast weather conditions, while realtors use data to advise on property purchases and sales. In these and other cases, data not only aids in problem solving but also contributes to the practitioner’s and discipline’s body of knowledge.

Of course, the nursing profession is heavily reliant on data as well. Nursing informatics seeks to ensure that nurses have access to the most up-to-date information in order to solve healthcare problems, make decisions in the best interests of patients, and contribute to knowledge.

In this Discussion, you will consider a scenario that would benefit from data access and how such access could aid in problem solving and knowledge formation.

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Consider the informatics and knowledge work concepts presented in the Resources.
Consider a hypothetical scenario based on your own healthcare practice or organization in which data access/collection and

Discussion post- Nursing Informatics.
Discussion post- Nursing Informatics.

application would be required or beneficial. Your scenario could include a patient, staff, or management issue or gap.
Post a description of your scenario’s main point. Describe the data that could be used as well as how it could be collected and accessed. What kind of knowledge could be derived from that data? How would a nurse leader apply clinical reasoning and judgment to learn from this experience?

*** Must be in APA format with three credible references **

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