Major Assignment Membership In Professional Organizations

Major Assignment Membership In Professional Organizations

Collaboration and teamwork are important competencies in nursing practice. Healthcare providers have unique experiences that can be integrated to bring out the best care delivery approach and the most beneficial outcomes for the patients. Furthermore, nursing organizations strengthen the quality of nursing practice by expecting their members to adhere to the minimal standards of operations provided. The nurses must hold the badge of their organization and endeavour to deliver the best care in their area of practice. Joining the organizations allows one to deliver the DNP projects better and promote the health outcomes of the identified vulnerable population.

Change Practice

My project is one improving the nursing working environment through transformative leadership. The working environment has a great impact on the healthcare professional morale and commitment to the job description. A poor working environment is associated with high burnout among the nurses that could eventually result in poor treatment. Nursing experiencing burnout will not interact with their patients as expected. Furthermore, they will suffer low energy and this could result in increased absenteeism and poor treatment outcomes (Hildenbrand, Sacramento & Binnewies, 2018). On the other hand, transformational leadership creates a mutual relationship and trust between the employees and their employers and so improving productivity in the organization (Gaeta, 2020). Influencing such environmental change requires education provision to the targeted institutions.


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The need to address burnout in hospitals is important considering the increasing number of patients with chronic illnesses. The need to improve the quality of healthcare delivery continues to increase. Various programs including Medicare and Medicaid developed interventions to promote quality safe practices in healthcare institutions. On the other hand, most of the evidence-based practices focus on improving the quality of healthcare delivery to the patients without analyzing how the working environment could affect the healthcare providers’ delivery (De Oliveira et al., 2019). Quadruple A aims to address fours area including individual health, population health, medication costs, and the quality of life for the healthcare providers. Therefore, addressing the issue of burnout among the healthcare providers through the transformational leadership approach will significantly improve the patient’s and healthcare providers’ experiences.

Plan for Organization Membership

The National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA) works to improve the quality of health among the Nigerians in abroad and at home. The organization emphasizes the need to incorporate planetary health in the healthcare delivery process. The organization promotes holistic care delivery by linking human and environmental health. Holistic care delivery depends on the environment (Thomas, 2016). Therefore, addressing the issue of burnout helps in improving the working environment and the treatment environment for the patients (Khan et al., 2020). I already joined the National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA). Joining the organization will help me realize the need to strengthen the working environment as part of the EBP. Both the organization and the DNP project focus on improving the healthcare delivery environment to achieve holistic care.


Finally, quality healthcare delivery to the patients is a priority for any healthcare institution. However, neglecting the needs of the healthcare providers could obscure the vision of realizing holistic care delivery as outlined in the goals by the National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA). Joining the association will help in understanding the need to foster a friendly working environment through transformational leadership and achieve better patient outcomes and experiences in healthcare delivery.    


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