Marine Fisheries Essay

Marine Fisheries Essay

Marine Fisheries Essay

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The objective of this lab exercise is to learn and analyze different fishing and farming methods and identify those that are more environmentally sustainable.
Write a few paragraphs about the background information for this lab exercise (you can include information from the Monterey Bay Aquarium website (see below).
STEP 1. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium > Sea Food Watch > Ocean Issues webpage and watch the Video: Can the Oceans Keep Up with the Hunt? (15 min). Here is the link (it is at the bottom of the page):
STEP 2. After you watch the video, select Fishing & Farming Methods (Ocean Issues page) and learn about each method. This is the link:
STEP 3. Make a table to summarize and compare the different Fishing & Farming Methods, their advantages and disadvantages.
STEP 4. Discuss the methods and decide which Fishing Method AND which Faming Method are the most environmentally sustainable and explain why.
In this section include your table of the different fishing methods (12 fishing and 10 farming methods), their advantages and disadvantages.
Discuss your results using the following points as a guide:
 The importance of fisheries to sustain the human populations, especially in developing countries.
 What are some of the environmental issues of modern fishing and aquaculture methods?
 Which fishing and aquaculture practices can be considered sustainable?
Please make sure to include the following in your final Lab report:
• All included sections of the Lab Report as described in the “How to write a lab write up module”
• Double-spaced, 12-point font.
• Any references used in APA citation format

In preparation of college level submission, students often need guidance of how to correctly navigate the proper arrangement of how to put together a lab report. The purpose of lab reports is to provide a high level overview of what the lab consisted of including: its purpose, its methodology, results/data, and overall conclusions. Students leaving the learning environment of high school may not have had exposure or guidance in years prior to college, thus providing a lab report sample may help to address immediate concerns. In this lab report example, the goal is to prove whether or not the hypothesis is valid: That students who open and view the provided a sample lab report in the first week of class, will earn higher grades than those who wait to view the sample or do not review the sample at all.

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Methods: In this experiment the following materials and procedures were followed:
1. (High level overview of step one)
2. (High level overview of step two)
3. Etc.
Results/Data: (this is example data and its layout taken randomly from the stated sources)
Graph 1: Student 1 Lab Reports and Average

Source: Made up by Dr. Varga
Student Date of viewing of example report Lab Report 1 Lab Report 2 Lab Report 3 Average
After receiving lab report 1’s grade 80
83.5 90 84.5
Never Opened or Viewed 60 55 50 55

First Day of Class 89 90 95 91.3
After receiving lab report 2’s grade 40 60 90 63.3

Table 2: Student engagement with Example Report and Average Grade

Source: Made up by Dr. Varga

By providing an example, individuals often are able to generate an understanding of what is expected out of an activity. Here, by providing an writing sample of what a lab report is to look like, students are more likely to produce lab reports of their own, which correctly display the appropriate and necessary information in their future lab reports thus securing a higher grade earned. As provided in Graph 1, student 1 showed a drastic improvement of over time by using the example. Data Table 2, demonstrates that how soon a student opened up this sample lab report related to their overall trend of lab report grades over time. For example, student 3 opened this example report on day one and received the highest overall average while student 2 did not open the sample lab report and received the lowest average. Furthermore, students 1 and 4 demonstrate that timing of opening after receiving a bad grade can possibly produce a higher grade after viewing. Overall, these results confirm that by providing a sample lab report and depending on the timing of when students view this help correlates to a higher average outcome overall.