NR 443 RN Community Health Nursing Week 5 Project

NR 443 RN Community Health Nursing Week 5 Project

NR 443 RN Community Health Nursing Week 5 Project

NR 443 RN Community Health Nursing

Week 5 Project

Question 1I have reviewed the feedback and made revisions (if needed) on my Direct Care Project Part 2: Planning the Presentation.



Question 2Date(s) and location(s) of presentation (between Saturday of Week 5 and Saturday of Week 6):

Question 3I have downloaded the pre and post surveys for attendee(s) to complete.



Question 4I have downloaded the Direct Care Project Attendance Form and will submit with the Week 6 Part 4 Evaluation assignment.



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Question 5In the text box, ask any questions you have regarding Part 3: Implementing the Presentation. Your instructor will respond no later than Friday, 11:59 pm MT via the comment area in the grade. If you do not have any questions, share your thoughts about this portion of the project (how it is going, is it easy or challenging, etc.)


Community Needs Assessment

Communities usually face various problems that can negatively affect their health outcomes. Therefore, there is a need for healthcare professionals to use strategies that can enable them to appropriately assess the community’s needs and use various strategies or approaches to help solve the problems. One of the approaches that can be used to assess the community needs is carrying out a windshield survey, which is a descriptive approach that is used to assess various community components by driving through a community (Pullis & Hekel, 2021). Therefore, the purpose of this assignment is to explore the results of the windshield survey for Miami-Dade County and identify a gap that needs to be addressed.

The Community Data

            The windshield was carried out for Miami-Dade County. The Zip code is 33194.  The community has a multi-racial community. Therefore, it is culturally and ethnically diverse, with the Hispanic being the largest, followed by blacks or whites. In terms of socio-economic factors or aspects, the community members have diverse income levels. Some places look to have higher poverty levels than others. There are also various educational institutions, including universities and private and public schools (“Florida,” 2022). The community is the most culturally diverse in the US, with cultures drawn from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and Latin America. During the windshield survey, the members of the community could be seen to be of mixed races, with whites, Latinos and blacks all seen.

The community also has a social and physical environment which can affect health. The community has several parks, playgrounds, and gardens, like the Everglades National Park, Pinecrest Gardens, and the Tropical Park. A windshield survey revealed that most of these spaces were clean and well-maintained. However, there were also a few that were not well-maintained and littered, which can be a health hazard. The community also has numerous bike lanes, streetlights, and sidewalks which are well-maintained. Billboards are also located on the roadsides and used for advisement. The community has various manufacturing industries, such as chemical manufacturing industries, which emit hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds that pollute the air and affect air quality. The crime rates in urban areas tend to be lower due to the presence of many law enforcers.

It is also important to look at the social systems; the community has several private and public hospitals offering various patient care services, including inpatient and outpatient services. There are also various resources, such as adequate buses for public transport. Grocery stores are also available. The community has several schools which the children attend. There are also several stores that sell fast food. However, the community members also have access to healthy food options(“Florida,” 2022). There are also various services for the community members, including several police stations, fire stations, gyms, and museums, which the community members use and visit.


            The windshield survey and the community needs assessment performed were important in revealing what this community needs and various aspects that impact the health of those who live in the community (Brock et al.,2020). The top need identified in the community is drug abuse, with several cases of opioid overdose reported. Alcohol abuse is also common, which makes such individuals have poorer health outcomes. This county is a major gateway for drug trafficking, and due to its strategic proximity and location to the international drug routes, coupled with a diverse population, drug, and alcohol abuse is a major concern, especially among low-income earners and the homeless population. This need makes the community vulnerable due to the health impacts that drug abuse and opioid overdose may have on the residents. Nurses can help by engaging in community health campaigns and initiatives to control drug and substance abuse.


            Various organizations offer services to address the need. One of them is the Recovery at the Crossroads organization. The organization’s mission is to help treat substance use disorders while focusing on helping individuals identify what led them to start using drugs (“Recovery,” n.d). They, therefore, integrate modern medication-assisted treatment and behavioral therapies to treat the patients. This mission relates to the Health People goals. For example, it relates to addiction topic, which has a major goal of reducing drug and alcohol addiction (“Healthy people,” n.d). Therefore, by treating individuals with substance use disorder, the organization meets this objective.


            Learning and conducting windshield surveys has impacted how I view communities in general. I now believe that every social or physical aspect of a community can affect the health of individuals living in a community. Therefore, nothing should be taken for granted. Nursing as a discipline can advocate for communities like this by formulating initiatives such as drug and substance abuse campaigns and influencing legislation to help fight the problem. There are opportunities I can seek as a future healthcare professional to become civically engaged within my community. They include advocacy and policy engagement, participating in school health programs, and joining local health committees. The community health nurse role may evolve in the future in various ways. For example, they may engage more in telehealth and integration of other technological applications to help improve patient outcomes. They are also more likely to focus on data-driven care and engage more in health promotion through social determinants.


The survey and assessment revealed various strengths of the community. For example, the community has many health centers and hospitals, which improve access to care. The top need that I would recommend focusing on is drug and substance abuse. They should be focused on since individuals have negative impacts when they abuse substances and drugs. This focus is related to the Healthy People Topic of addiction and the goals of reducing substance, drug, and alcohol addiction (“Healthy People,” n.d).


Performing the windshield survey and community assessment revealed important aspects, such as the need to fight drug and substance abuse. One of the things I learned is that social determinants of health can be used to assess a community’s health. Such an approach can be used to formulate remedies.


Brock, K. E., Allen, K. E., Barton, C., Shapiro, R., Weintraub, B., Wasilewski-Masker, K., … & Johnson, K. A. (2020). A methodologic approach to conducting a statewide community needs assessment of pediatric palliative care and hospice resources. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management60(3), 531-538.

Florida Department of Health. (2022). Community Health Assessment.

Health People 2030. (n.d). Addiction.

Pullis, B. C., & Hekel, B. E. (2021). Adapting a community health nursing course to an online format. Public Health Nursing38(3), 439-444.

Recovery at crossroads. (n.d). Drug rehab for West Palm Beach Florida residents.

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