NRS-451V Resume and Cover Letter

NRS-451V Resume and Cover Letter

NRS-451V Resume and Cover Letter

Like other professionals, nurses usually study to acquire skills to work in different health care settings to earn a living. As they study or after completing their respective programs, nurses apply for different jobs. Resumes and cover letters are standard documents for job application purposes. A resume presents a person’s background, skills, and accomplishments (DeNisco, 2019; Lam, 2018). It summarizes relevant job experience and education. On the other hand, a cover letter outlines an applicant’s credentials and interest in a vacant position or an opportunity of interest (Masters, 2020). This paper provides my resume and a cover letter for the position of clinical nurse liaison at Amerita, Inc.

There are many reasons why emotional intelligence is important in leadership. First, leaders with high emotional intelligence are able to create a positive work environment. They do this by maintaining open communication, showing empathy and understanding, and promoting a healthy balance between work and life. Emotionally intelligent leaders are better able to relate to and motivate their team members (Whitney, 2018). They are able to understand what drives and inspires people, and can use this knowledge to build a cohesive and high-performing team. Lastly, leaders with high emotional intelligence are better equipped to deal with difficult situations and people. They are able to stay calm under pressure and make decisions based on logic and reason, rather than emotion.

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Professional Profile I am a highly-skilled professional registered nurse passionate about patient, family, and community health and always seeking opportunities to empower patients and advance the nursing practice.
Career Summary Decatur Morgan Hospital, Alabama

Patient Care Tech



·       Helping with patient procedures

·       Bedside care

·       Advocating for patient needs

·       Interacting in daily communication

·       Modeling problem-solving to improve quality, efficiency, and care effectiveness

·       Maintaining regular contact with patients and opportunities to add value in points of care.


Hardees Restaurant, Alabama




·       Registering sales on the cash register

·       Promoting positive customer experience

·       Record keeping

·       Processing return transactions



Nurse assistant



·       Insurance Physicals


Huntsville Hospital, Alabama

Patient Care Tech and Registered Nurse



·       Educating patients and answering different questions related to health conditions, prognosis and treatment

·       Observing and reporting patients’ condition, progress, and medication outcomes to document updates

·       Liaising with physicians and other health care staff to promote quality care

·       Conducting patient assessments and diagnostic tests to enable physicians to develop focused treatment plans

·       Collaborating with physicians to manage ongoing care

·       Establishing and maintaining rapport with patients and their family members


American Mobile Travel Agency, San Diego CA


Travel Nurse


·       Performing tests

·       Medication administration

·       Writing reports

·       Collaborating with physicians to develop patient care plans

·       Vaccinating populations


South Sac Kaiser Hospital

Registered Nurse

2015- Present

·       Responsibilities

·       Delivering care to patients with various diagnoses

·       Managing care from treatment initiation through to completion

·       Medication administration

·       Facilitation therapeutic communication and crisis intervention

·       Teaching patients lifestyle management and choices

·       Facilitating new nurses’ orientation programs

Education and Training Tarrant County College, Texas

Associate Degree in Nursing

January 2004- June 2008

Waterford College

General Pre nursing Certificate

January 2003- April 2004


Licenses/Certifications Basic Life Support – American Heart Association


Competencies & Skills set ·       Patient and staff education

·       Patient assessments

·       Process and outcome evaluation

·       Patient care planning

·       Interprofessional collaboration

·       Great team player

·       Patient needs’ advocate

·       Excellence in basic computer and networking skills

Memberships ANA- American Nurses Association- National and State
Leadership Organized a community health program for diabetes screening
Hobbies Adventure

Watching nursing documentaries

Visiting patients



I am pleased to write to you today expressing my interest in the clinical nurse liaison position advertised on your website. I firmly

NRS-451V Resume and Cover Letter
NRS-451V Resume and Cover Letter

believe that my educational qualifications and experience in various nursing positions make me an ideal candidate for the position.

I have an associate degree in nursing and over three years of experience in direct patient care and coordination of services. I am a highly organized, dedicated team leader, a calm health professional with excellent health care skills. I adapt to situations as appropriate, and my passion for delivering care that meets 21st-century demands enables me to provide services above standard levels.

In my previous and current roles as a patient care tech and registered nurse, I have served and gained adequate skills which will enable me to execute the advertised roles proficiently. I was involved in routine coordination with physicians to create treatment plans for patients. I was also involved in setting up appointments, assessing and developing health interventions, and documenting health care plans and strategies.

I believe that working at Amerita, Inc. would be mutually beneficial. I am looking for a challenging work environment to utilize my skills maximally. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindly find a detailed account of my education and skills in the attached resume.


In conclusion, nurses need to express their interests to be considered for different work positions. A resume and cover letter are the main documents for expressing interest. I have provided a detailed resume showing my education, work summary, and accomplishments. The cover letter provides my credentials and reasons for consideration for the position of clinical nurse liaison.


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I am writing to apply for the RN-BSN nursing program at the prestigious Grand Canyon University taking nursing course NRS 451 VN. 

After twelve years of working in the nursing field, and receiving additional training, my commitment to Nursing is as strong as it was when I first got out of nursing school.  I appreciate the opportunity to make a real difference in patients’ day-to-day lives and I find the profession endlessly interesting and rewarding. 

I currently work at Houston Transitional Care as a Charge Nurse. This establishment is a comprehensive rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility. I received my Associate degree in Nursing from The School of Nursing and Midwifery, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria in November 2006 and have worked at St. Louis Hospital, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, The Crescent Rehabilitation Center, Houston TX, West Oaks Senior Care Rehab Center, Houston TX and Hebrew Home Rebab, Bronx NY, and I have consistently received outstanding performance evaluations.

I thrive on multi-tasking and take great pride in establishing respectful and supportive relationships with colleagues, patients and patients’ families. I have excellent oral and written communication skills, excellent listening skills to hear my patient’s complaints and needs, I am very compassionate and empathic to my patients.

I would like to schedule an appointment with you to further review my qualifications and experience and discuss how I might contribute to the ongoing tradition of excellence at your institution.

My resume is attached.  Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.