NUR-513 What is your personal worldview?

NUR-513 What is your personal worldview?

What is your personal worldview? Connect your worldview to cultural and spiritual competence. How will your worldview and cultural and spiritual competence affect your role and scope of practice as an advance registered nurse? Consider both the provision of safe, quality care to diverse populations and interprofessional relationships.

A worldview is a person’s perception of how the world is. It is a reflection of their beliefs and values. Values and beliefs influence our worldview and the decisions we make in life, whether it is personal or professional. As a nurse, I believe that everyone should be treated as equals. It is my duty to care for others with integrity, respect, and humility. Caring with humility means that I don’t see myself as being better than those I care for. Although we play different roles, both the patient and practitioner are important. Our worldview influences our ability to show humility, both culturally and spiritually. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines cultural humility as an individual’s active engagement in an ongoing process of self-reflection to examine their personal background and social position to determine how they influence interpersonal interactions, gain deeper realization, understanding, and respect for cultural differences, and recognize areas in which they do not have all the relevant experience and expertise and demonstrate a nonjudgmental willingness to learn from a person/community/population about their experiences and practices(CDC, 2022). Spiritual humility is having a humble spirit and knowing that just as the Heavenly Father loves me, He loves everyone. This belief helps us to treat everyone with respect and love.

I was taught throughout life to treat everyone with respect to get respect in return. Although this may not always be true, I make a conscious effort to consider the feelings of those that I care for. As advanced practice nurses, we will be responsible for the care of people of many cultures, religions, and races. These factors influence how a person may view healthcare providers and how they respond to care recommendations. They can also affect communication between the patient and the practitioner. As practitioners, we must be culturally competent. Cultural competence is the “ability of systems to provide care to patients with diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors, including the tailoring of healthcare delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs” (Brach et al., 2019). Cultural competence and cultural humility should be used together in care delivery. Nurses can learn and understand the cultural beliefs and values of a community, but if we don’t make a conscious effort to provide care in the best manner that respects the patient’s beliefs and values, care will be lacking. We have to continue to examine ourselves to ensure that we are not making decisions for others based on our beliefs and values.


Brach, C., Hall, K.K, & Fitall, E. (2019). Cultural Competence and Patient Safety. Patient Safety Network.

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In response to your peers, what components of your worldview would be important to integrate into a nursing theory? Think deeply about your views and patient care. This will help prepare you for the Topic 4 assignment. Cite at least one source to support your response.

My personal worldview is based in Christianity. I grew up in Catholic school, and discovered God through the Catholic faith. As I grew older, I was drawn towards Christianity and it seemed that I was able to explore God more freely and experience the Holy spirit on a different less regimented level. I believe all of us, in one way or another, has to discover our higher power at our own pace. I believe everything is connected, and the Universe is God’s creation.

Working at Loma Linda University (LLU), I have grown to appreciate the spiritual influence of healing. LLU is a Seventh Day Adventist University Hospital. The Pastor sings and plays guitar throughout the unit every day. Many Doctors pray with patients and incorporate the body mind and spirit as a whole picture within the plan of care. There is very strong spiritual support for the staff, and we always pray before starting the shift.

One thing that I have learned from LLU, is the notion that we are here to serve one another. That is our main purpose in life, to serve one another with love and compassion. Jesus led through his life here on Earth with focus on service, love, forgiveness and suffering. Jesus was the complete opposite of the rulers and kings in his time. The leaders of that time ruled through fear, control and power. Jesus claimed not only to be king, he claimed to be God, but yet exuded love and sacrifice and intermingled with the sick, poor and afflicted.

As an advanced registered nurse, my spiritual competence and scope of practice will always be shaped by and related to my spiritual principles. Healing and caring for someone, not just on the physical level, but the emotional and spiritual level will increase positive patient outcomes. These deep-seated roots of spirituality will help keep me open minded and guide me through tests of strength and resiliency. Recognizing the internal signs of stereotypical thoughts or biases influence the growth of my inner self continuously throughout my life, relationships and career.

Rieg, L.S., Newbanks, R. S., Sprunger, R. (2018). Caring from a Christian Worldview: Exploring Nurses’ Source of Caring, Faith Practices, and View of Nursing. Journal of Christian Nursing. 35(3): 168-173. doi: 10.1097/CNJ.0000000000000474.

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According to DeGraff (2017), Worldview is a collection of deeply held beliefs about how we interpret and experience the world. The worldview is learned by individual experiences throughout our lives, and everyone is different. With that said, my worldview encompasses the belief that Jesus is the son of God and the Holy Spirit. The belief of angels, Virgin of Guadalupe, and Virgin Mary who is the mother of Jesus Christ. Moreover, I believe in having good morals, respect, justice, equality, love one another, compassion, empathy, patience, honesty, assist the less fortunate because we are all children of God and treat others as they were your family such as a father, mother, sister and/or grandmother. Lastly, I believe in working hard and always being thankful for my job and education because I can help many people through their difficult journey either on their road to recovery or in their last moments in this world. My worldview as explained, defines me as a nurse to care for our patients, not only physically but spiritually as well.


As an advanced registered nurse, it is important to have mutual respect with patients, be flexible and humble to be open to the cultural dimensions of each patient (DeNisco, 2024).  This will help me create a great rapport with patients and be able to provide a plan of care to improve his or her health. It is important to listen, build trust and communicate with patients. If there is a word that is unfamiliar ask the translator to investigate further the meaning so that multicultural communication is avoided.


Ethnocentrism impedes the delivery of culturally competent nursing care (DeNisco, 2024). As an advanced registered nurse working in collaboration with other health care providers, it is important to see the viewpoint of others than just our own to avoid assumptions and/or bias that can cause harm and pain to patients.

It is especially important to see the patient, not just for their illness but to consider and be competent in their beliefs, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. We all have differences in worldviews and cultures, so the patients’ view of the world and their culture should also be respected.




Degraff, J. (2017, July 20). Your worldview is your greatest strength | psychology Today. Your Worldview is Your Greatest Strength (But also your greatest weakness).


DeNisco, S. M. (2024). Advanced practice nursing: Essential knowledge for the profession (5th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.


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