NURS 4455 Module 1 Assignment 1 Module 1 Assignment 1: Leadership Self-Assessment

NURS 4455 Module 1 Assignment 1 Module 1 Assignment 1: Leadership Self-Assessment

NURS 4455 Module 1 Assignment 1 Module 1 Assignment 1: Leadership Self-Assessment


Overview: Leadership Self-Assessment

Do you view yourself as a leader?

You have, no doubt, served as a leader in some situations, but you may not yet envision yourself as a leader in the nursing environment. This course is designed to help you recognize the leadership and management qualities you bring to the profession, sharpen and enhance those skills, and to encourage you to seek out leadership and management opportunities.

Use the Professional Development Inventory to assess your leadership qualities and skills. Save your results and/or make notes of the conclusions.


•             Identify characteristics of leadership and management.

Conclusions and Reflections

Describe your overall leadership characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Comment on any characteristics that the tool did not address that you believe to be important.

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The leadership skills applied in the health care industry often explain the distinction between an effective team and a struggling team. Thus, leading a health care industry takes an exceptional set of abilities. These skills would give the leader a power to push their teams to become more efficient. Competent communication skills as it aids in increasing the connection in the team and reducing conflicts. Such a leader would find a way of ensuring that each person stays on the same page. Listening and learning skills are also effective in health care leadership. For instance, the leaders should be humble enough to listen to other ideas that would create a sense of belonging (Podgórska & Pichlak, 2019). Besides, the healthcare industry needs a flexible leader who can adapt to new situations to increase the standards of healthcare delivery. The purpose of this assignment is to assess the development of my healthcare leadership competencies over my MHA program.

Part 1: Leadership Self-Assessment

(In the Competency Template)

Part 2: Personal Development Plan

I will focus on improving my self-confidence, which would be important in developing a better atmosphere for working as one of the main strategies for meeting the needs of employees. Culture is the atmosphere that surrounds us, and it involves shared opinions and comportment in the workplace (Dirani et al., 2020). It is an idea arising from practiced concepts of an organization’s culture, which entails what we experience within the organization. Therefore, we can say that a company’s culture results from its administration system. Culture is crucial, more so when transforming the management system.

I will improve my interpersonal communication by working with other colleagues as a team. This would aid me in understanding that each person tends to have distinct abilities. While some individuals are enthusiastic about attempting something new, others will show reluctance or be unwilling to make transformations. The success of any unit program requires the unit staff’s input and their ability to table their proposals on how to own the program for their unit (Heinen et al., 2019). They should appraise the newly demarcated duties and responsibilities and collaborate with staff members to establish the means to modify those functions and communiqué and reporting routes among staff. Besides, they need to determine appropriate techniques to address barricades to observance. This procedure can be undertaken within a unit-level enhancement team or with the whole staff, for instance, at a regular staff conference. The comprehension of all these factors would be a rich learning ground for effective leadership skills.

Attending the conferences and seminars organized by healthcare institutions would open more options for further studies. This development would be important in advancing my career and being in a positive of healthcare leadership. Advanced learning positively impacts leadership roles (Dirani et al., 2020). Leading with subjects in mind is one of the main ways to be a better leader. Positioning the organization’s employees toward a shared goal, a leader’s superior communication skills in this mission can have a helpful influence on the delivery of quality services to patients.


The leadership competency template has elicited numerous issues related to my leadership skills. First, out of the 19 competencies presented, I did not score a high rating in self-confidence and interpersonal communication. These are the main areas I would focus on in the personal development plan.


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