NURS 6502 Blog: Introduce Clinical Site

NURS 6502 Blog: Introduce Clinical Site

NURS 6502 Blog Introduce Clinical Site

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Where will you complete your practicum hours? What clinical site have you selected?

Throughout this course, you will work at your clinical site with a preceptor and with stakeholders to develop a plan to implement a problem change for a potential or known problem at your practice. For this Blog, you will share information about your clinical site with your colleagues. Reflect on your site, your preceptors, and your specialty. Begin to consider a potential or identified problem you might explore throughout this course.

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To Prepare
Select a clinical site.
Meet with your preceptor.
Review practicum resources provided to you in the Learning Resources.
By Day 3 of Week 1

Post a cohesive blog that addresses the following:

Provide a description of your clinical site.
Provide a description of your preceptors.
Provide a description of your specialty and preparation.NURS 6502 Blog Introduce Clinical Site
By Day 6 of Week 1

Read a selection of your colleagues’ Blogs, and respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by expanding upon their description of their clinical site, making connections to your own site, and offering suggestions for preparation.

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RE: Blog – Week 1

Selection of clinical Site

In order to complete NURS 8502, it is a requirement that a nurse student must complete practicum hours on the selected clinical site. While at the clinical site, a nurse student is expected to work with a preceptor and with stakeholders to develop a plan aimed at implementing a problem change for a potential or known problem at their practice. As a nurse student, I will hold professional and ethical conduct at all times while interacting with patients and preceptors. I will strive to achieve the course objectives for each clinical rotation during the practicum. I will also work with the preceptor to ensure a clinical setting that enables me to gain clinical experience relevant to practicum program objectives. I will also request preceptor input and feedback regarding clinical evaluation to enable improvements on areas that need adjustment.

Selection of Clinical Site

During this practicum, I will be based on Abundant Healthcare Services as the selected clinical site.  Abundant Healthcare Services is a private outpatient clinic that deals with patients with mental illnesses and medical patients as well.  The organization offers skilled nursing therapy services and personal care services to patients with mental health issues.  The organization’s services are tailored to the individual needs and provide clients with access to 24-hour care, seven days a week, depending on the needs.  The organization was established in 2012 and has since become a leading independent provider of mental health services in Maryland. Abundant Healthcare Services is committed to helping people live healthier, more meaningful lives despite their mental health struggles.  The mission of the organization is  “Committed to the wellness of individuals and their families and the community through prevention, therapeutic care, treatment, and education”.

Description of Preceptors

My preceptor is Dr. Oyesola Akintan, FNP, and BC-PMHNP. Dr. Akintan is a Nurse Practitioner in Lanham, MD. She currently practices at Abundant Healthcare Services. She accepts multiple insurance plans. Dr. Akintan specializes in treating Bipolar Disorder, Dementia, and Depressive Disorders as well as medical patients that include a lot of Assisted living patients. Dr. Akintan has qualifications such as 12 years in practice, registered and licensed in Maryland / R174454. Dr. Akintan graduated from the University of Cincinnati School of Nursing in 2016 with additional credentials such as a certificate in DNP from Walden University in 2015 and a certificate in AANP / 1554227 in 2007.

Description of Specialty and Preparation

By specialization, I am a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Pursuing the nursing profession has been my childhood dream. I always wanted to combine my passion for healthcare and my love for helping others get better health.  I wanted to help society overcome health issues that affect them, especially mental and behavioral issues. This passion led me to pursue nursing to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner.  I have also selected the DNP project “Effectiveness of Pressure Ulcer Prevention in an Assisted Living Facility workshop” which I intend to work on during the session as part of meeting practicum requirements. The goal of the project will be to examine a hospital-acquired pressure ulcer (HAPU) prevention program while encouraging the collaboration of team members to prevent HAPUs to minimize the prevalence rates to national target benchmarks.

Overall, I have put in place requirements that will enable me complete practicum hours. I have selected Abundant Healthcare Services as the clinical site with the help of my preceptor Dr. Oyesola Akintan. At the present, I have identified that pressure ulcer is a major issue of concern in the organization that needs immediate intervention. Therefore, my proposed DNP project will focus on programs to reduce the incidence of pressure ulcers.


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