NURS 8502 Meeting With Your Preceptor

NURS 8502 Meeting With Your Preceptor

NURS 8502 Meeting With Your Preceptor

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Meet with your preceptor to share the project management tool you completed in Week 8. Meet with your preceptor to discuss, clarify, and verify the progress of your proposed practice change, based on your project management plan. Work with the preceptor to determine the information technology and financial resources needed for this practice change.

This is an ungraded Assignment. There will be nothing due in Week 9.

You are not required to submit this Assignment this week.

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Looking Ahead: Final Project Management Plan

After meeting with your preceptor, revise your project management plan. Submit your final project management plan by Day 7 of Week 10.

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What’s Coming Up in Week 10?

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Next week, you will continue your exploration of your practice problem, evaluation of evidence, and development of your project management plan through working with your team and preceptor to further assess the problem. You will explore the impact of the practice problem and develop a communication plan.

Next Week

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Meeting your preceptor begins your on the floor experience. You have the jitterbugs, you’re excited but also nervous. You’ve been on numerous social media websites. Some of the stories have made you excited and optimistic while on the other hand, others have left you frightened.

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Don’t fret, we’ve all been there. It’s just a fear of the unknown. A lot of facilities have meet and greets with the new employees during their facility new hire orientation. If this isn’t something your facility does, speak with your nurse manager on one of your breaks during your organizational orientation. Ask if it’s possible that you can connect with your preceptor prior to the first day on the floor. If not, no worries, you will eventually meet them. It’s inevitable.

Get to know your Preceptor
When you do have a chance to meet your preceptor, ask questions. Interview the person responsible for molding you into what you will eventually become:

How long have you been a nurse?
Why did you choose this unit?
What do you like most about working here?
What is the floor like?
What irks you the most?
What is a bad day for you?
What can I do to help my orientation process run smoothly?
You get the point. However, with these questions, you may get a dose of the harsh reality of the profession but remember, many have come before you and succeeded. You can too.

Introduce Yourself
Above all, you must always remain true to yourself. Your preceptor deserves to know who you are. Not necessarily on a personal level, but being this is a learning experience, it’s important your preceptor understands. This includes how you learn, your weaknesses, what drives you the most. For example, if you learn best by first simulating something in a lab prior to the first experience, they should know that. Let them know you ask lots of questions-even if you don’t-trust me here! It only helps to improve your experience. No two people are alike and you deserve a customized experience.

Take it all in
Meeting your preceptor will in fact make you nervous but getting to know your preceptor and as well as your own self awareness of how you function is important for your partnership and showcasing your best work. At the same time, it allows you to see how your work styles align and differ. Regardless, having this information can help you both achieve success. It’s also imperative you understand that this will be no easy feat, but by getting to know your preceptor, you both will function better together as a result, and not end up feeling like this: