PRAC 6635 Assignment 2: Clinical Skills Self-Assessment

PRAC 6635 Assignment 2: Clinical Skills Self-Assessment

PRAC 6635 Assignment 2 Clinical Skills Self Assessment

PRAC 6635 Assignment 2 Clinical Skills Self Assessment

PRAC 6635 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form

Desired Clinical Skills for Students to Achieve Confident (Can complete independently) Mostly confident (Can complete with supervision) Beginning (Have performed with supervision or need supervision to feel confident) New (Have never performed or does not apply)
Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation skills in: 
Recognizing clinical signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness X
Differentiating between pathophysiological and psychopathological conditions X
Performing and interpreting a comprehensive and/or interval history and physical examination (including laboratory and diagnostic studies) X
Performing and interpreting a mental status examination X
Performing and interpreting a psychosocial assessment and family psychiatric history X
Performing and interpreting a functional assessment (activities of daily living, occupational, social, leisure, educational). X
Diagnostic reasoning skill in:
Demonstrate knowledge of psychopathology of mental illnesses through discussion for different age groups and mental illnesses X
Developing and prioritizing a differential diagnoses list X
Formulating diagnoses according to DSM 5 based on assessment data X
Differentiating between normal/abnormal age-related physiological and psychological symptoms/changes X
Psychotherapeutic Treatment Planning:
Provide psychoeducation to individuals and/or any caregivers X
Promote health and disease prevention techniques X
Self Assessment skill:
Develop SMART goals for practicum experiences X
Evaluating outcomes of practicum goals and modify plan as necessary X
Documenting and reflecting on learning experiences X
Professional skills:
Maintains professional boundaries and therapeutic relationship with clients and staff X
Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to improve clinical practice in mental health settings X
Identifies ethical and legal dilemmas with possible resolutions X
Demonstrates non-judgmental practice approach and empathy X
Practices within scope of practice X
Selecting and implementing appropriate screening instrument(s) and interpreting results:
Demonstrates selecting the correct screening instrument appropriate for the clinical situation X
Implements the screening instrument efficiently and effectively with the clients x
Interprets results for screening instruments accurately X
Identifies the need to refer to another specialty provider when applicable X
Accurately documents recommendations for psychiatric consultations when applicable X

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Summary of strengths:


 This Practicum experience would be my first as a PMHNP student but my professional experience

PRAC 6635 Assignment 2 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment

PRAC 6635 Assignment 2 Clinical Skills Self-Assessment

as a Registered Nurse with a vast number of years working with patients with a diverse array of illnesses, a few of whom also had Psych and Mental health diagnosis along with other comorbidities I am more familiar with, has sharpened my assessment as well as my documentation skills.

I am comfortable interacting with patients, communicating in a professional manner, and familiar with the code of ethics of maintaining confidentiality and maintaining my scope of practice.

The various case study presentations I have done in class assignments have also in no small measure prepared me for applying this knowledge in clinical settings.








Opportunities for growth:


Formulating diagnoses according to DSM 5 based on assessment data, developing, and prioritizing a differential diagnoses list  and identifying the appropriate psychopharmacological intervention best suited for my patient unique situation, when necessary, are all skills I hope to master  in the course of my Practicum experience.

This clinical experience will enable me to observe, learn and apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings under the supervision and guidance of a professional and experienced clinician and prepare me to become a skilled PMHNP.



Now, write three to four (3–4) possible goals and objectives for this practicum experience. Ensure that they follow the SMART Strategy, as described in the Learning Resources.

1.       Goal: Identify and use the appropriate screening instrument suitable for one client each week

a.       Objective: Be knowledgeable with patient history to find  appropriate screening tool.

b.      Objective: Have a baseline on patient mental status to determine progress or decline

c.       Objective: Get constructive feedback



2.       Goal: Perform initial comprehensive psychiatric evaluation on a client

a.       Objective: Determine chief complaint correctly

b.      Objective: Seek constructive feedback from preceptor

c.       Objective: Improve on evaluation skills based on feedback.


3.       Goal: Initiate an appropriate treatment plan for a client with minimal intervention from my preceptor.

a.       Objective: Apply knowledge from didactic class and build  confidence

b.      Objective: Address pertinent issues that may impact treatment

c.       Objective: Review medication list and lab reports with minimal supervision and input from preceptor


4.       Goal: confidently formulate one client’s diagnoses each week according to DSM 5 based on assessment data 

a.       Objective: Become more familiar wit DSM 5 diagnostic tool

b.      Objective: Become more skilled at deciphering information to determine diagnosis 

c.       Objective: Become more skilled in documenting Psychiatric notes.


Signature: Kofo Calloway

Date: 12/05/2021

Course/Section: PRAC 6635/24