NU 502 Discussion 5b

NU 502 Discussion 5b

Regis University NU 502 Discussion 5b-Step-By-Step Guide


This guide will demonstrate how to complete the Regis University NU 502 Discussion 5b  assignment based on general principles of academic writing. Here, we will show you the A, B, Cs of completing an academic paper, irrespective of the instructions. After guiding you through what to do, the guide will leave one or two sample essays at the end to highlight the various sections discussed below.


How to Research and Prepare for NU 502 Discussion 5b  


Whether one passes or fails an academic assignment such as the Regis University NU 502 Discussion 5b  depends on the preparation done beforehand. The first thing to do once you receive an assignment is to quickly skim through the requirements. Once that is done, start going through the instructions one by one to clearly understand what the instructor wants. The most important thing here is to understand the required format—whether it is APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.


After understanding the requirements of the paper, the next phase is to gather relevant materials. The first place to start the research process is the weekly resources. Go through the resources provided in the instructions to determine which ones fit the assignment. After reviewing the provided resources, use the university library to search for additional resources. After gathering sufficient and necessary resources, you are now ready to start drafting your paper.


How to Write the Introduction for NU 502 Discussion 5b  

The introduction for the Regis University NU 502 Discussion 5b  is where you tell the instructor what your paper will encompass. In three to four statements, highlight the important points that will form the basis of your paper. Here, you can include statistics to show the importance of the topic you will be discussing. At the end of the introduction, write a clear purpose statement outlining what exactly will be contained in the paper. This statement will start with “The purpose of this paper…” and then proceed to outline the various sections of the instructions.


How to Write the Body for NU 502 Discussion 5b  


After the introduction, move into the main part of the NU 502 Discussion 5b  assignment, which is the body. Given that the paper you will be writing is not experimental, the way you organize the headings and subheadings of your paper is critically important. In some cases, you might have to use more subheadings to properly organize the assignment. The organization will depend on the rubric provided. Carefully examine the rubric, as it will contain all the detailed requirements of the assignment. Sometimes, the rubric will have information that the normal instructions lack.


Another important factor to consider at this point is how to do citations. In-text citations are fundamental as they support the arguments and points you make in the paper. At this point, the resources gathered at the beginning will come in handy. Integrating the ideas of the authors with your own will ensure that you produce a comprehensive paper. Also, follow the given citation format. In most cases, APA 7 is the preferred format for nursing assignments.


How to Write the Conclusion for NU 502 Discussion 5b  


After completing the main sections, write the conclusion of your paper. The conclusion is a summary of the main points you made in your paper. However, you need to rewrite the points and not simply copy and paste them. By restating the points from each subheading, you will provide a nuanced overview of the assignment to the reader.


How to Format the References List for NU 502 Discussion 5b  


The very last part of your paper involves listing the sources used in your paper. These sources should be listed in alphabetical order and double-spaced. Additionally, use a hanging indent for each source that appears in this list. Lastly, only the sources cited within the body of the paper should appear here.

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Primary Care Discussion

Primary health care should be the foundation of any viable health care system because of the benefits that it provides. The World Health Organization defines primary care as a whole-of-society model to health that focuses on ensuring the highest possible degree of health and wellbeing and equitable distribution by focusing on people needs early in the healthcare continuum. Primary care involves health promotion and disease prevention to treatment and rehabilitation as well as provision of palliative care where possible (WHO, 2021). The implication is that society can deal with disease’ infections when they focus on health promotion as an effective way of attaining better health outcomes. primary care is founded in a commitment to social justice, equity and participation as well as solidarity.

Many countries have adopted a universal model of health as one of the most effective ways to attain primary care.

NU 502 Discussion 5b
NU 502 Discussion 5b

WHO states that a universal health coverage becomes truly universal when there is a shift from health systems focused on diseases and institutions to systems designed for people and need for effective health promotion and participation through effective interventions (Bitton et al., 2017). In countries like Japan, Sweden, and Great Britain among others in developed world have primary care systems that offer universal health care models. The implication is that the United States should embrace the universal health care (UHC) to enhance its primary health policies and health reforms through legislations like the Affordable Care Act 2010.

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The U.S. continues to struggles with the concept of primary care because it does not have a universal health care policy which implies that despite spending the highest portion of its gross domestic produc

NU 502 Discussion 5b
NU 502 Discussion 5b

t on health, it still lags behind its peers (Khazan, 2018). Having a UHC policy will lead to increased participation, fair and equitable distribution of health resources, and effective utilization for the most vulnerable populations like the racial minorities.


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World Health Organization (WHO). (2021 April 1). Primary health care.