Discuss potential causes of conflict occurring within health care organizations.

Discuss potential causes of conflict occurring within health care organizations.

Conflicts Within Health Care Organizations

Causes Of Conflicts

Conflicts are unavoidable in our daily lives, arising from our behaviors and interpersonal skills differences. Health care organizations are complex, with varying job ambiguity and intricate independent relationships which cause stress and conflicts. Conflicts manifest in different forms, including roles, communication, personality, value, and goal conflicts. Complexities related to healthcareinclude enormous workloads, unmet expectations from colleagues, time pressure, and critical decisions regarding life and death that contribute to conflicts (Tosanloo et al., 2019). Other causes of conflicts include change, limited resources, varied expectations, lack of clearly defined expectations and roles, disparities in professional values, and unhealthy competition among individuals (Alshammari & J. Dayrit, 2017). Conflicts interfere with clinical outcomes and reduce job satisfaction among individuals.

Conflict Resolution

Successful conflict resolution starts with the awareness of our emotions and feelings and those of others. After that, people recognize these concerns as respectable and relevant. The nurse leader uses different styles of managing conflicts, including collaboration, accommodation, compromise, avoidance, and force (Cherry and Jacob, 2019).In avoidance, the conflicting parties do not address or engage in the situation. The leader withdraws or uses passive behaviors to solve the conflict.In accommodation, one individual or party puts their goals aside to satisfy the other person’s desires. In compromise the nurse leader instructs both parties to forego the issue for the partial attainment of goals. In collaboration, the leader actively engages both parties in ending with a win-win situation. Both parties leave the discussion table feeling satisfied and with nothing lost. Lastly, force or competition involves parties trying to achieve their goals at the expense of others. Different strategies are appropriate for different situations.

Leadership Model

The transformational leadership style would best address conflicts. Marquis and Huston (2017) observe that transformational leaders can inspire others with their vision, encourage followers to be innovative and creative, follow high morals, and treat people with great compassion and care. Therefore, transformational leadership would be appropriate in mitigating conflicts. A leader who does more than dictating, directing, and delegating is needed in such situations. It would call for inspiring, motivating, moving, and enabling people to attain their highest potentials through appropriate conflict resolution.


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Organizational Change Model

Nursing Theories

Nursing Theory in Practice

Ethical Issues in Conducting Research

Identify recommendations for nursing education you believe will be most effective or radical in creating change within the industry.

Compare and contrast two nursing theories.

Identify the two recommendations for nursing education you believe will be most effective or radical in creating change within the industry

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What is your personal worldview?

Topic 4 Assignment: Nursing Theory

Worldview and Nursing Process Personal Statement

Topic 6 DQ 1: Appropriateness of Research

Discuss how the shift to value-based health care has impacted delivery of care and the role and responsibilities of the advanced registered nurse.

Differentiate between “leading” and “managing.”

Discuss the importance of interoperability between EHRs and other disparate systems and the impact on improving quality and access to care

Emerging Technology Brief

Potential Causes of Conflict Occurring Within Health Care Organizations

There are different principles of negotiation and conflict resolution strategies that nurse leaders can use to address the conflict. One is forcing, which involves the utilization of formal authority vested in nurse leaders to satisfy given concerns without considering the side of the adverse party. The other strategy is collaboration which entails cooperating with the adverse party to understand their issues and concerns to enable a mutual and acceptable solution. Accommodating is another strategy that entails helping the adverse party satisfy their issues while ignoring personal interests as a nurse leader. That is, a nurse leader strives to be cooperative and not assertive.  The other strategy is avoiding. It entails paying no attention to the conflict and failing to take action to address it. This method is ideal when the conflict is beyond the possible reward for addressing it. The final strategy is compromising. The strategy entails addressing the conflict by recognizing a partly acceptable solution to both parties but unsatisfactory to both parties. Here, no party gets all they want (Fotohabadi & Kelly, 2018).

The identified model for addressing conflict is transactional analysis. The model requires looking at the conflict (transaction) and figuring out the role of people in it. Transactions between individuals hold both direct and hidden parts of the conflict (Laugeri, 2020). Therefore, nurse leaders need to focus on the issue in question, ask questions, highlight the facts without blame or emotions, seek the opinions of the parties to the conflict, and appeal to their positive side by seeking their support and help in addressing the conflict and demonstrating care to them through being open to their concerns.


Fotohabadi, M., & Kelly, L. (2018). Making conflict work: Authentic leadership and reactive and reflective management styles. Journal of General Management, 43(2), 70-78. DOI:10.1177/0306307017737363

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